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GeForce MX200 upgrade

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Sep 7, 2001

First off, getting good deals on hardware in this country (see profile please) is very tough. The Radeons start at about US$250 equivalent (that's the Radeon 7500) and go up to $500 for the 8500. That effectively puts off the proposition of ATI: the only card I could possibly afford is the Radeon VE, and I'm not sure I want that as I'm already scraping the bottom of the barrel in framerates with my MX200, and I don't expect the VE to perform a lot better.

Voodoo? What's that? No one even knows what 3DFX is or was. GeForce is the only card that sells at all. Over 80% of the market works on onboard video. 'Pros' use TNT2 M64 cards. Sheesh. The measure of a card is not the GPU, but the memory size: 64 MB is better than 32 is better than 16 and so on...

There's a good price on a Leadtek GF2Ti card (I'm not sure if it's 200 or 500), about $200, it's got 4ns DDR RAM and 350 MHZ DAC (that's good, right??). Sounds like a good buy, but I want to check if I'll get a better framerate off of it (at least 3x otherwise pointless), specially in rich texture games like Deus Ex. I'm able to play all settings maxed out at 1024x768, but wish the play was a wee bit smoother. Older games (NFS series) play fine except when it hits fog (again, at all maxed settings, 1024x768).

The other options are a $170 GeForce 2 GTS card from Asus, and the :( MX400, for about $110. Prices haven't fallen in a year!

Am I advised to wait? Till I die? Or buy the 2Ti now? Help please!!



Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
leadtek GF2 Ti

I have the Leadtek card you're talking about. I haven't had trouble with any games... framerates seem smooth and relativley fast even with a good helping of detail/high resolution. The card does have 4ns memory, like you said, and I've been able to overclock it quite nicely with some cooling upgrades. The stock core/memory speeds are 250/401. I've run my card at 286/524. It'd be a good upgrade from the MX200, although $200 is a bit much. Maybe you have some1 in the US or elsewhere that you could pay to get the card and ship it to you??? Might save you a little bit.