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Geforce or Radeon

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Ti4200 hands down! The Radeon 9000 is a budget card, where as the Ti4200 is more of a midrange card. I would totally go with the Ti4200!
yep hands down the 4200, but you may consider an 8500LE 128 ddr over the 4200 at 64 DDR and it will be less

cisco kid
Ti4200. Radeon 9000 was advertised on ATI's website to compare to the GeForce 4 MX Series. It is also slower than the 8500. So getting the 9000 would be a minor upgrade above ur current MX.
if you asked 8500le 128mb to 64mb ti4200, it would come down to how long your going to have the card. eventully the lack of memory will cause the ti4200 to fall behind the 8500 (which is about 10% faster and 30% more expensive.) I'd say over a year get the 8500, if under a year then the ti4200 would be better.
Nikoror said:
isn't rd rambus ram? on vid card?! Ha-ha:D...

Aren't they planning to make DDR-III (although I have no idea how that works) on vid cards like a year from now? Remember reading it at a place, but JEDEC was giving the companies some problems, so I don't know if they are still making it.
i think he means regular edition. but then again i really don't know. the LE is clocked slower then the regular. so i would get a 8500 128 mb card. that with a slight overclock will be just as fast as at ti 4200 and ati cards are a lot better in picture Quality.
hey the R key is kinda close to the D key. maybe he has Fat fingers. just a thought. but then again rd Vs DDr. Hum:rolleyes:
Wraith i could help but notice that you are a Owner of a 9000 128 mb, do they make that in a pro. i have the 64 pro. you know it's true when a person tells you a card is bad, and then you look at his sig and he owns that card.
so true, im prettyu sure they make a 128 version of it. Thats what i thought i was buying, the page said it was a radeon 9000 275/275 atlantis, and when igot it home, the POS, was non pro.... ya its bad, i cant play ut2003 over 800x600. This card dosnt overclock AT ALL. I cant get it stable at 300 for more than 10 mins, and even then there are some artifacts, and the RAM, im not even goin to go there, but the card looks great, ill post pics of it, it looks pimped out, with a Corb and Blue ramsinks on it. But i guess looks dont help much.
Yes they make a 9000 Pro 128meg card, that's what I have. It may not be the best card on the market but I haven't have any problems running any game made yet.