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geforce2 gts 64 meg changed to a quadro2 pro !!

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I don't actually believe in that kind of software mod but if you c the difference than i must b wrong.
I'll modify my GTS to quadro just before i decide to buy a new card and put it in my second rig.But,i'll do a hardware mod+plus drivers for quadro..
quadro mod

FPS shouldn't change, nor 3dmark score, but opengl apps including some games may see an improvement. Mostly this is for graphic design progs, but anything that uses opengl should see at least some if not a whole lot of improvement. At least, that's what I've gathered from posters on madonions forums.

I'll try the softquadro mod as soon as I finish up my silver blorb, if I like it, I'll move the resistors as that's supposed to be even better than the driver patch. And I'll try softquadro with detonators from 21.xx- 27xx and see what works best on my card.
Arkaine I keep thinking your Rain!

But I have a question my bios chip is in the way and those R122->124 and all the capcitors I have to take off are sort of being mis labelled, so I can't find which's which's....!


Yeah, Rain passed this avatar to the karmic winds, and decided to go full-on Super Saiyan, so now I have it.

Just installed my Slorb. Can now OC to 281/535 on this GF2 Ti. Did the SoftQuadro driver patch on 22.40's. Now card is a Quadro2 Pro. Quadro conversion raised 3dmark score by 49 points? Didn't expect that.



Will try GLXcess to bench OpenGL performance.

Yodums: There's no need to remove resistors. You can easily patch most versions of detonator drivers. There's a gudie on madonion's forums. 1st page of the driver discussion section. You can turn on the advanced chip instructions exclusive to Quadros with Rivatuner. I tried GLXcess to benchmark openGL performance and the score is way better! I'll post it here soon.