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Geforce2 GTS vs Geforce4 MX

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Jun 19, 2001
Hi my brother is going to buy a card off of one of his friends. Which would you get a leadtek geforece 2 gts or a leadtek geforce4 mx card both for same price, 55 bucks. The GTS cards uses ddr and gf4 uses sdr.

I think the gf4 card scores higher benchies but is it really better? I heard those mx cards dont have pixel shaders.

Also my brother uses tv out all the time, which would be better for this and why?

Thanks Guys,
well, neither of those cards have pixel shaders. pixel shaders didn't come out until the GeForce 3.

what MX is it? if it's a MX420 then i would get the GF2 GTS, if it's a MX440 or 460 then i would get the MX.
Definitely GTS if you can find it, they are usually under 50, MX cards dont give you very much extra performance vs. how much they cost (anywhere from 30-50 dollars more). Do NOT buy any MX, unless its a 440-460 under 65-70 bucks, then it might be worth the extra points and RAM.
why would you advise him to get a card that is twice as much with like 15 percent better performance. My GTS costed 44 bucks, what are 440s going for these days? 85-90+ for a good one?
I also have a GTS- and I have not seen anything that makes me want to 'upgrade' to an MX4. It's faster in low res, but once you crank it to 1280x1024 or better or toss in AA or anisotropy the difference mostly goes away.

The MX is still an MX, after all, and it's got the famous neutered pathways of all MX cards. I wouldn't spend money on anything that says MX on it. Especially when a GF3 Ti200 is roughly the same price as one of the better MX4s.:D