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GeForce2 MX 400 3Dmark 4483 too low ???

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May 24, 2001
NY where the cows out number the people
I ran 3Dmark 2000 on my new GeForce2 MX 400 card and came up with a score of 4483. The card is not overclocked so it's at default settings. My system is a PIII 733 on a gigabyte board with 448mb of RAM. What's going on? When I used the results browser to look at others scores they were in the 6000's range. Any sugestions are welcome.
that is low but not too bad my duron 700, 128mb ram and a oced gf2 mx 200 does 5000 .
wouldn't worry about it, it doesn't look like you have a problem. updated drivers and such will boost performance by a little bit.
the results of 6k were "maxed out" cards. Don't think they were "stock" as yours is. Do some tweaking, you'll bring your numbers up.

Also run the test a few times.......you don't get the same results every time you run the test.
I'm getting a little more than 5800 points with my 700 running 1071 and the MX card overclocked as far as I can without causing image quality problems, so I'd say you're doing ok with your rig. There is lots of tweaking you can do to improve the score though. Might try using the later detonator drivers, that really has helped me.
Thanks for the encouragement. I'v started to tweak and test already. My best so far has been 4470 with just minor changes to cpu enhancements and color depth. I have found many things I can change around so i'll keep tweaking with things just needed to know I'm not way off the mark. Thanks again.