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GeForce2 MX ddr or not

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Feb 19, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
I am looking at 2 different GF2 MX cards.

One has 32meg of DDR mem @ 64 bit. It is also a MX 400 with TV out. Not sure of the namebrand.
The other has 32meg of SDR mem @ 128 bit. It is a Cardex brand with 5.5 ns mem.

I have read articles on both but still can't get a good feel for whitch one will perform better. Anyone have any input here?

I can get them for about 50$ each.
What you are forgeting is the Cardex is sdr so therefore, it is 128bit. The MX400 is ddr @64 bit, which is then 128. Here is an article explaining the difference between the different MX chips;
I put a GF2 MX 400 64mb card in the kids P/C and it overclocks pretty well, currently 300/220. The MX400 outperforms the other 2 and is faster.
So let me get this right.

Even though the DDR mem is only 64 bit, it will be equal to the SDR that is 128 bit. From what the article said, the DDR mem could get a better OC, and therefore, better performance. Am I getting this right?

I can get the DDR card for 52$ shipped.
If you can get a MX with SDR & 64mb, that's the best choice for a MX. The DDR doesn't give you ANY kind of performanence increase, as the datapath is half of SDR datapath. Just an increase in cost and namely higher clocks...

There was a test somewhere between a DDR & SDR MX and the DDR version lost, due to latencies caused by DDR memories. I don't know if this is the case with a MX400. Otherwise no differences. I think the place was Toms Hardware, but I could be wrong. Was a long time ago...
There was a comparason done on HardOCP and the DDR lookes really good after the OC. Only by a few points I might add. But still better. The link is a couple posts back in this thread.

I am actually thinking about ordering both cards and doing a test of my own. I will prob sell the lesser ot the two. I can get both cards for about 110$ shipped. So why not?

Thanks for your reply
If you can afford that, then by all means :) Atleast you'll know which one is better for you then.