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GeForce2 MX OC controls

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Feb 19, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
I just installed my GF2 MX 400. Yee Ha.
I thought I saw a registry tweek to open up the nVidia clock controls. Any one know what it is or where I can look? Also This thing came with version 4.31 drivers. What drivers will give me the best performance. Or at least a good starting point.

Thanks as always
The tweak is called coolbits. I would not use the stock drivers, something in the 12.xx series would be best. I haven't played around with drivers in so long I don't know what's best. I attached the coolbits reg file. All you have to do is double click it an say yes I want to add this to the registry.

I will try some other drivers. I have herd some are having a few probs with 12.xx drivers. I guess all I can do is try a few and see what works best for me.

I just installed 12.41 drivers. Got rid of all the bugs I was having.

I added the coolbits to my registry and I'm not really sure if anything happened. Still no means to tweak the mem and core.

Did I need to do something else?
You could try the Hercules Tweaker 2.0c. It's available at their website, about halfway down the page:

bahh..original link didn't work. just select support, then select the 3DProphet 2MX.

What I've found with coolbits is you have to load it right after you load the drivers for the video card..but...before you reboot. So you could try switching back to "Standard VGA" then reload the drivers...Windows will prompt you to reboot...say no...double click on coolbits then reboot and check to see if the regular OC tab is available. Good luck.
Just in case you are wondering why Coolbits didn't work for you, the 12.41 drivers are WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified, which means they are not allowed to support any fun stuff like overclocking, disabled V-Sync, etc.

The drivers which support overclocking via Coolbits are known as "leaked drivers" and while you may not be comfortable with the idea of using an unofficial driver, if NVidia really didn't support this stuff, why would there be so many "leaks" Any other drivers in the 12.xx series will work with coolbits. (I use 12.60)

You can go to www.geforcefaq.com for links on where to get different drivers.

I will play around more with it later tonight. I did some weird stuff last night to get it to work. New drivers mixed with old drivers. Yikes......

It did work. I will try different drivers.

I used power strip for a while. I just hate using an extra program to tweak the video. Just seems like to many things trying to control the card....
Thanks again....