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Geforce2 problem i think

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Jan 21, 2001
I play mostly racing games and nascar4 is the most used one! This entire system is new and ive tried everything i can think of. Only in nascar4 do i get a small little glitch in the video. Like a tiny, almost unseen freeze. No other games have this problem out of the ones ive run so far. It happens many times per lap after being in the game for some time. I tried bios stuff and bunch of different drivers. Im on the 11.01's now with no results. I might add that nothing here is over clocked. It doesnt start this glitching till ive been in the game for about 15 minutes. It has not frozen my system YET. My cpu temps run just fine and my video cards software is reporting well below the critical temps. Actualy my chip surface temp is 140 Deg (F) just using for the net and not much else. Chip edge is running 107 Deg (F) at the same time. Critical is said to be 158 Deg (F). I would think critical is for the surface temp. Now, i checked the temps after this was happening in nascar4 and the temps were the same as they are now. Ive disabled 4x agp. Ive re-installed 4in1 drivers and agp in both turbo and normal mode. Ive disabled video shadow in bios. UMMMM, Ive disabled fast writes. Ive tried many other things (too many to list) and need any advice or experiances youve read about or have had.
Im almost to the point of taking the Voodoo5 out of the wife pc and trying it in here. I think this would work fine with it though.
Thanx for your time.
I had a similar problem with Final Reality, a somewhat ancient video BM prog. And I fixed it--once. Can't remember how, sorry.

While GF2 MX's often have no fan on the GPU, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to see if one will help. 140F/60C is toasty, IMHO.
Got a suggestion in another forum and it fixed me up. It was the onborad sound mixer running in the tray. Updated drivers fixed this but the in game sound was realy the worst ive ever heard in a game. My car had one sound through all the gears. So i took my mx300 back from the wife and everything works perfect. Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion.