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geforce2 ultra with watercooled ram!

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Mar 15, 2001
Mt. Brudges, Ontario, CA
got a great idea when i looked at some aluminum bars!
cut off the sizes i needed and made one side smoth and flat.
then i cut out 2 tabs from the ends so i could make use of the asusv7700 holes.
then i filled the ends with silicone and drilled out a cupple of holes in each bar and atached nipples!
ARGH! 320/505!!!!

I hope the core speed was a typo or you need a slap!

Pweeeeeaaaze post pictures of this mod! Watercooled vid-cards look so darn cool. Also, you cooling both side of card with the watercooling? If not, this should give you a little bit more space for o'cing.
I too have heard and read several times that memory chips have physical limitations...but...if they operate and switch like other chips then supercooling...and testing...is certaintly worth a shot.

I've seen a lot of watercooled GPU's...but not too many watercooled memory banks. GO FOR IT!!!
cookedcomp (May 18, 2001 05:49 p.m.):
the 4ns seams to restrict me to 530MHz DDR and the core is settled nicely at 320MHz

GPU is not watercooled! just a big H/S. the card seams to be maxed out without any heat emiting from it :) even with the 600WATT psu i have and the 3.86VIO it won't budge past 530 mem and 320 core.