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Geforce2MX burned?

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Mar 25, 2001
I have tried to apply some ram heatsinks to 2 Asus V7100 T cards.I used Arctic silver thermal adhesive.everything went fine and the card worked for about a day.After that i have started getting vertical lines on the screen evenly spaced.Both cards died a little while after that.I think that the Arctic Silver has shorted the pins of the memory chips.
Any idea?
I know have two dead cards.
Artic Silver epoxy does not out and out cundutct but it does have a certain amount of capasitance this could have done in your cards lik you said. Of cource if you are real lucky maybe you can salvage a card if you can clean the stuff off. Be neat when applying artic silver products and there will never be a prob. Also for applications like this I cut the epoxy with some artic silver paste this makes it not 100% perm and you can get things back apart with some effort at a later date.
I was jjust wondering.Can an AGP slot damage a video card?I know that this sounds remote but both card died while they ware installed on my computer.

Asus P2B-DS
Dual Pentium III 700 mhz at 783MHZ for a long time with no probs
512 MB ram

PCI Cirrus logic 5340 1 mb RAM :p ( for now)
Have you increased the i/o voltage (not the cpu core)? Sometimes this can help you run a higher fsb but it can fry other stuff.
I have used many brands of thermal epoxy ,and have not found one that you can slather on the chips and not effect them ,the first rule of epoxying heatsinks on things is to KEEP IT CLEAN!! , even a small amount on the BGApins can kill a chip :p
ken257 (Mar 25, 2001 07:49 p.m.):
Have you increased the i/o voltage (not the cpu core)? Sometimes this can help you run a higher fsb but it can fry other stuff.

I don't think that's a problem. I have the same vidcard (Asus 7100), and I have been running at 3.69V for a long time, and nothing has happened.
Tequila, I just killed my Asus V7100/T the other night, with stripes, etc.. then death, shortly after putting it back into my system and it running fine for a (short) while. (See my thread on this at http://forums2.overclockers.ws/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Read&BID=6&TID=3201&SID=46580 )

I had been putting on a Blorb, and had lapped the Blorb and the GPU, and had used a nice, careful layer of regular AS as an interface. I was very careful to keep the AS just on the chip, and was pretty fastidious about cleaning everything up with alcohol as I went along.

I have assumed that I killed mine with overlapping the GPU. I had not considered the AS to be the problem. By any chance did you do any lapping to yours?
Well I had a Blorb attach to the card prior of putting the two ram heatsinks.I had put some thermal paste the one supplied with the Blue orb.After i bought AS and the heatsinks i have put AS on the core also.I do not think that this was the problem because i was very carefull with the core.While i was putting on the ram heatsinks i covered some pins with AS and i think that this is the reason of the burndown. As i notice even if you are extremely carefull after you place the heatsink the AS comes directly above the BGA pins and sits on top of them.SO you will have to use as less as possible:)
But i have found out this very late.