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GeForce2MX, HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 8, 2001
I have got Asus V7100 GF2MX, and I think results are too low!
3Dmark2000 (default): 4324marks, 3Dmark2001(1024x768x16):1850.
Driver is Detonator3 v.6.50. I also o.clocked this card and memory
works only at 148MHz! Secondly, there is bugs in textures in almost
every application I have tested. Filtered points of different colors!!!!:(
It looks like they belongs to textures, but it is not true at all. This is
In 3Dmark2000, (helicopter scene), the terrain is full of those points.
Tell me what to do!!
Sorry, 3Dmark2000 results is tested at 640x480x16. (4324marks)
1024x768x16 I get 3600marks.
The 3dmarks aren't all that bad (if they're under windows 98), higher than I got with a better processor, card, etc.

The artifacting (dots) are no good, and that's usually the result of the memory, one of the components a lot of the cheaper cards skimp on...

I'd return it in exchange of a leadtek or other brand name...
I have the same card and I got 5249 from using Driver 12.00 with win2k. My card is running at 205/205 for both memory and core with a old, small 486 cpu fan on the heatsink and custom make ram heat sink from an old amd heatsink cutting in 4 pieces. Anything higher than 205 will give me that texture break right away in 3Dmark...My system is:
PIII 550E@800
512 MB of PC 133 RAM Micron
IMB 7200rpm HD
and MX300 sound card
Today I just update to the new 12.41 driver and I lost the Coolbit reg to oc the card and I get 4390 in 3Dmark
Did you install the Asus drivers from the CD? If so, you need to uninstall them from the control panel->add/remove programs. I have this same card and it works fine at 200/195 (core/mem) at 90MHz AGP buss. I do have problems from the original Asus drivers that tweaked by OS somehow...? You may increase your score by checking your bios for a setting that may be called "in order queue depth." This speeds up the chipset->CPU communicatons. Also, silly question, did you change the agp divider to 2/3?

Did you install the coolbits reg hack, or are you using Asus' overclocking utility? Get rid of Asus', and use coolbits.
I have a Cak,but very cheap :), Sparkle which has default core of 175 and default Mem of 143
I have the Core at 220, and the mem @ 172, and its cool :)
I get 6016 @ 640x480x16
I know its nothing special, but its better than a TNT2 :)
methinks one of your ram modules is faulty, or a driver issue (your scores r bout right but...)
the stock mem speed is 166, so far ive been able o run mine at 185 with no artifacting. (havent bothered to try any higher yet, but ive read post of other peeps who have)
Excahnge the thing....
I can run my 3DProphet2MX at c205/m215. The scores infact do look quite right.

From what I've gathered, the less you can oc the memory, the more the core will oc. And the other way around.
For example, my little brother bought a cheapo (sadly) MX, which he can run at 240/160. It's got those nasty 7ns memories (143MHz), so not much memory oc'ing is possible. There's not much gain from oc'ing the core with the MX...
dunno sounds like something is wrong..

I have creative 3d annihlator pro..
it's Geforce 32mb DDR...
non overclocked
I get 2007 in 3dmark 2k1

and my system aint exactly a ferrari anymore..
last year when I got it was :)