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Geforce3 overlocks...

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
When people state their overclock for their gf3 they always stay stable. When they say stable do they mean stable WITHOUT artifacting?

I have a Prophet GF3 but i always state the speed at 220/495 even though it can hit 220/510 with minor (1-3 artifactmarks) artifacts.
Pitspawn if you reall want to overclock your Gf3
Here is a article showing how to do some voltage mods. They got 270 core and 600 memory from it.

I am overclocking my chip to 220 but I tried moving my RAM to 490 and it locked up in 3Dmark2k1. Any suggestions on fixing this problem?
Geforce3 overclocks...

i got mine to 240/540. beyond that it freezes. how can i tell if there are artifacts? to the best of my knowledge there are none.
In my case, with the particular setup I have, my front intake case fan is blowing directly across my card, which keeps the airflow cool; and with a mighty exhaust fan in the rear, I have no problems with overclocking... I do get artifacting if I go any higher; I never quote or count a video overclock if there's artifacting (period). Artifacting is like getting a BSOD while booting an overclokced CPU, you need to back off to make it count.