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Geforce3 ti200 or Ati radeon 9000pro

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Well, im not a vid card guru by no means but i looked some stuff up and what i found is the TI 200 is comparable to an ATI 8500 and the ATI 9000 (no pro) is just a bit better then the 8500. So gona take a shot and say the 9000 pro would be a better choice even with less memory. But i took a shot sure some one else can explain this much better then me.
Do you have a budget in mind prior to making a decision on which card to get. Personally, I wouldnt get either but if the budget will only allow this amount of money then I would pick the 9000 aswell but if your budget will allow something a little better such as a 9500 non pro or a newer 9200. It would really help if we have a price range that you are willing to spend and then we could suggest the best card for the allowed money.
Yes, but Tim those are a pain to deal with. There is a VERY good chance that you would get screwed on the clock speeds. GOt to check very closely. My friends 9100 was said to be 200 on the RAM when it was actually 184! Stupid powercolor...
Ummm.....not at all. The R9000 would slaughter the MX440 in most cases. THe R8500...no contest in almost all.
glock19owner said:

So another words you would take a GF4 MX card over a GF3 Ti200...the 9000 line is the same as the GF4 MX...

I think you mean the 9000 was made to compete against the GF4 MX cards, but they are in no way similar cards in terms of performance, image quality, or features
Ste i would strongly surgest the Sapphire ATI Radeon 9100 128MB DDR DVI/TV, its only £72.38 Including VAT at www.overclockers.co.uk its a safe site to buy from...my mate bought the same card from there the other day and is very happy with it
ty very much im still at school lol so its not a good idea if i spend all my wages on a 9800 pro or a geforce fx 5800 if i had the money i would :)