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Gemini Spiral Blocks RW numbers?

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Mar 12, 2002
Raleigh NC
Ok, so I keep hearing such great things about the gemini spiral block, and Hoots article seems to say its great, but I havent seen any of the uys here who bought them actually post wether or not they got better results when they switched to this block (or I simply missed those posts). SO did anyone here switch to the gemini from say a Z4 or Maze2 or such and find an improvement? Not trying to question Hoot's testing, but as we all know different people/systems often get different results. Thanks all.



Mar 25, 2002
Iam going to buy one :D

i have just to look how much the shipping to Germany costs :D

then I can tell ya. At this time Iam running a cooler that is like the cooler from www.zern.at or even a little bit better an the zern is better then a maze2 so lets look... :) sorry for my bad english *gg* :beer:


Jun 16, 2001
well. i bought one. i have it in hand.

but coming down from my current 1/2" spiral system required a system overhaul so i won't get it running for a bit. i am looking forward to a system with a much smaller footprint i.e. 1/4" silicone tube and 3/8" connections and no hose clamps. ;)

i got the low flow one and i am amazed at how amazingly small this thing is.... it looks like it should go on a chipset.... nicely constructed.

the attachment system doesn't excite me, but we will see.