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General FPS question

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Jun 20, 2001
Upstate New York
This pertains to "frames per second" not "first person shooter." Does it REALLY matter if your video card can push out >90 frames per second? How many monitors support a refresh rate of >85hertz at the desired resolution anyway? Maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm assuming that the monitor with a refresh rate of 85hertz at 1024 x 768 resolution will render 85 scenes a second. If the video card pushes out more than this, won't the extra frames simply be wasted?
Yeup, but usually they are there for those 'heavy battle scenes' which cut the FPS in half. I think the human eye can't see more than 30 FPS.
soo....is there a setting to make the maximum framerate be say 75 to match 75hz.....and special toggles for the video card?
You can enable v-sync, but therse no point. Those extra frames dont hurt, and they give you some overhead when things slow down in a battle, as mentioned before. You can see them, but there nice to have.
Hey if you set your video properties to 32bit colour depth, at least 1024x768 and min. 75hz refresh rate you'll have great looking gameplay , if you want to enable other goodies supported by your vid card thats cool too. Just don't sweat the other stuff, enjoy your games and leave everything else for the engineers.
The human eye can only see 24 fps. Movies use only 24 fps for that reason. So if you can get around 40 then in the most intense graphics you should be able to stay over the 24 fps and your eye will never see the difference.
I thought in "real life"
we see at 120 fps...
after a certain point, things get smoother and smoother,
u can cram smaller frame increments into that one second... higher detail and stuff..
Ferg (Jul 07, 2001 08:27 p.m.):
The human eye can only see 24 fps. Movies use only 24 fps for that reason. So if you can get around 40 then in the most intense graphics you should be able to stay over the 24 fps and your eye will never see the difference.

Actually this is absolutely NOT true. People have different rates of perception, just like they have different quality eyesight. You absolutely CAN see more than 24 frames per second. Anyway, when you're interacting with a game you will discover you are much more aware of how responsive your computer is. If, for example, you're just sitting back and watching a game of Q3a (or anything else), chances are you could not tell the difference between 30 and 90 FPS. BUT, when you are actually playing the game you can tell that your fps is lower or higher based on how sluggish the responsiveness is.

Up around 50-60 fps or so, you're generally not going to really notice anymore. 24 fps is great for movies, but for games it is HORRIBLY sluggish. I know that when my frame rate drops down into the mid twenties I absolutely can tell the difference from when it is higher.

I agree that fps isn't everything, but I think you're not taking into account that more powerful graphics cards can run in higher resolutions. I couldn't care less whether my card was turning out 60 or 100 fps, but I COULD care if it could run at 1600*1200 at a decent frame rate, instead of say 1024*768.
Zuck Gou :) (Jul 09, 2001 02:50 a.m.):
Im confused...in REAL life, what are frames?

He's saying that in RL we can notice changes that occur in as little as 120th of a second. I'm not sure if that number is entirely accurate but it sounds a hell of a lot more realistic than 24 fps. Next time you are watching a movie, look in the background of the shot (off in the 'distance'), you'll notice it is very choppy. Now go outside and take a panoramic look around...if you notice choppiness then maybe it's time to "unplug" for a bit ;-).
Ah alrite, thats what I wanted to know.

You think anyone has like a disease or injury that makes them see below 120FPS in RL? That'd be crazy.
I dont have any scientific proof but I have have vsync on I only get about 40-50 fps and if its off I get arround 120 (this is in counter-strike). Whenever I reinstall drivers I always forget to turn vysinc back off and I can always tell.

As far as maximum refresh rates for monitors go youll just have to look at the specs. My viewsonic will go up to about 180Mhz but I dont know at what resolution.
The higher the frame rate for gaming, the better the response. It's a rather simply equation.

As for full motion of 2d, 24-30fps is fine -- but when rendering 3d action animation for games, more is better to offset any PC sluggishness.
Yeah... Movies are shown at 24fps and TV at 30. This is just the area where images are blured together in our brain and seems to be "fluidic" (love that word 8)). Our eyes actually have a higher "refresh rate" than that. I don't know for sure what it is, but it has to be awfully fast. If you've ever heard of insterting subliminal messages into stuff by flashing for only one frame a picture of someting, you know that the eye can see pretty fast, and it's the brain doing the bluring (even though it sees every frame).

More frames per second are definiatly better. Running Descent 3 at a normal 30fps (my pooter ain't OC'd and it has the same yucky video card that came with it), I can see definite choppiness when I come from a long hallway and frame rates of over 50. All the extra frames are there just in case...

Bigger Is Better
The reason why 24 fps is fine for movies (on top of what people already said) is because your not really thinking, or interacting like with a game. imagine seeing life at 24 fps second, it would just be a blury mess.

when I play games I can tell when its 30 or 50 fps, expecially if i'm moving alot. If youre just walking down a hallway you could probably get away with 30-35 fps. but under 'intense' action its really hard on my eyes.
I like to play games with 50 + fps
I feel kind of proud of myself for getting a decent string going. I also feel kind of weird because besides the initial post, I didn't say anything. So basically, I just want to ask this question to cement things in my mind. Frames-per-second pushed out by the graphics card that are in excess of the monitor's refresh rating are wasted, are they not?