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General water cooling advice wanted

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I'm a little teapot Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
Im starting to seriously consider water cooling. Today wasn't even hot, and my CPU got up to 49c. In the summer there is no way it will work like it is. So, is the aquastealth sold by 2cooltek any good, or would some of the danger den parts be better.

Also, would it be better to mount a ratiator at the front of a mid tower or at the back. For one thing i dont want to dump hot air into my case, but i don't want my radiator to start with warm air on the intake side. Im pretty sure i can fit the aquastealth at the rear, but a danger den cube would have to go in front ofcoures.

Any and all advice appreciated.
Have you thought about getting a used AT case and mounting it in it? I built my own and that is what I did and it works great.
I personally prefer the dangerden stuff because it is all copper and well made. Just do not mix copper and aluminum or you will have corrosion. As to the layout, be creative. Try something out and if you do not like it or get a better idea, try it. That is what a lot of us do. You might try going to some of the case gallery sites for ideas. I like virtualhideout's gallery, it is huge.
Yah, i really like the VH case gallery, iv looked through the whole thing. Isn't there some way to prevent the corosion, i thought i had read something somewhere. I like the aquastealth pump and resavore, but its aluminum.
To prevent the battery effect you can put in something like anitfreeze or Watter Wetter...they both stop this.

For your radiator, you could make a duct so that it can pull air from the outside and dump it out there, too.
The ducting is a good idea, i could put it in the front and duct it out the side in the lower front.