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Generic VS Full GPU block

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May 14, 2012

Been reading the forum regarding this topic. Overall, it seems like the generic GPU block will cool the GPU chip better, however requires stick on heat sinks for other components. I have even seen a post regarding frying mosfets?! Full block cools all components but slightly less efficiently.

Main reason i am looking at generic block is that it will transfer to any other GPU i get, and its much cheaper ~$100.

The goals of cooling my system with custom h20 loop is primarily to silence my gaming PC. I game on my couch with a game pad, and it sucks when i have to blast the volume to drown the screaming fans.

With that said, i am doing minor overclocks but not going for anything insane that i would expect burn out mosfets and other components not under water but could be totally wrong..

Does anyone have any input ?

If i am not doing insane overclocking.. can i still burn parts out with the generic block + stick on heat sinks?

I change GPU every 1-2 years so buying a full block every time seems silly... but also not looking to blow up GPU's :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
It really depends how hard you're trying to push the GPU... full cover is better if you're pushing for every last MHz.
If you're not, just put some heatsinks on the VRM and vRAM chips.
Go with a universal block, not some knockoff blocks. Have a look at Alphacool's GPU universal block and bracket. Makes it look like a full block and will cool your GPU nicely.