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Geoforce 2 MX and 3D Mark2000

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Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
When i first put in my new vid card i got only 3000 score on 3d mark 2000 and 60 fps on counter-strike.

After some tweaks and some overclocking (218/180)
i moved the scores from to 4000 on 3dmark 2000 and up to 80 fps on counter-strike.

I was told by a few people that i should be getting atleast a score of 5000 on 3D Mark2000 but can seem to get it that high.

Does anyone have any tip to make this run any better?
Asus p3v4x 533 p3 slt1 256mb 133
ThePunkGeek (Apr 27, 2001 10:55 p.m.):
because it also does cpu test

Is that a question or an answere. If it's a question, than the answere is yes, it does. I know of some tweaks for this program. Whats your current setup. Your ram settings make a pretty big difference. Having ur processor jaked up wicked high doesn't always equal out to performance in this program as people will sacrifice other factors to get the fsb up high.
you got 'er @ 600 now jay, and since you have the P3V4X, you can screw with the mem timings. Goto the mem area, and ask about it. Also get the useful ctPSD, which i've had for a LONG time, and every1 else is JUST finding it now =)