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Get an Nvidia card now?

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Dec 13, 2015
My Gigabyte AMD card has been giving me trouble again. I know I've talked about it before. The last thing I will try is a different HDMI cable. My question this time is, do I wait until around mid year (April to June, I've read) and get the new ~$300 Pascal offering from Nvidia (I assume there will be a card in that price range, along with higher and lower end cards, of course), or just go with a 970 now? I'm only at 1080P, and I'm not looking at 1440 or 4k anytime soon. Thanks for any input.
I've been hearing September/October, let us know how the HDMI cable does.
If you can swing a used 980 then absolutely do that.
You'll be set for a long time.
Ok...my R9 390 died on me (it wasn't the HDMI cable...tried a new cable and got no video at all...card just quit). I know I could get another replacement, but I thought I'd just switch to an Nvidia 970 card. From the research I've done, EVGA seems the way to go for the 970. It was between EVGA and MSI for me, and the EVGA just seems a little better. Is that personal preference?

So now the question is, SSC or FTW model? They seem about even. The only thing the FTW model has is a higher core clock and boost clock, per the EVGA site. Is that what other people are seeing as well? That there is no real difference between the two cards? What does a higher clock actually get you? Faster rendering, I'd imagine...that's all I can think of. It doesn't really matter does it? I'm actually leaning a little toward the FTW model, just because it's more expensive so it has to be better. (I don't do this with everything, but for computer parts, I'm with JayzTwoCents on this; I can afford both cards and he says go with the best one you can afford, which I agree with) However, if I'm right and the only real difference is the clock speed, I guess I'll go with the SSC. I'll wait first though to see what the community thinks. Your input is always appreciated. :)
FTW edition X70s ship on X80 PCBs so have beefier VRM sections and usually out perform any standard overclocked X70 variant and on occasion a standard X80 variant.
If you'll be overclocking on air , if at all , the beefier VRMs really won't give you anything extra. Maybe a little piece of mind because of it's stouter construction. EVGA's customer service has one of the best reputations in the business. I'm hoping to make the switch from AMD to nVidia soon and will be looking hard at EVGA for just that reason.
For what it's worth , if I didn't intend to do any serious overclocking , I would go for the most affordable 980 , rather than spend money for features on a 970 I won't use anyway. My $.02
If you can swing it then step up to a 980.

If not, either of the EVGA 970's you mentioned will work great.
One thing to note though, if you're planning to flash the BIOS at some point then grab one with a BIOS switch. That way, in case the flash screws up, you have a backup BIOS!
FTW card has more features for you to overclock your self, I would just purchase the SSC or the GTX 980 if I were in your shoes.
I think I'll wait until the Pascal chip comes out. The old card I have now (Radeon 6700) will hold me over until it comes out, whenever that is.

Also, if I end up going with the 980 or 970, it will be cheaper by then I think if Pascal reviews turn out to not be that great. And I can buy a new card with the new system I'm going to build later this year. Thanks for all the advice, guys.