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Dec 25, 2000
Hi I am running a PIII700E@1100 and have a peltier with PEP66T and two Delta's on it , the PEP66T is very hot to the touch so i guess it isn't capable of cooling the pelt. In the sidepanel i have a 120mm fan blowing on the mobo , on the front i have a 90mm 24 volts fan blowing in and at the back i have another 90mm blowing in . In the backtop side i have 2 powersupply's exhausting air out and two 90mm also exhausting. The delta's on the PEP66T are running at 7 volts because the noise is unbearable at 12 volts
Does anybody see's any improvements that i can make to get the PEP cooler? My sys temp is idle 8 celsius idle and 27 c under full load , i now it's not high but it can run cooler , the temp at the socket is so high it is blistering my fingers ! This can't be good for the cpu and or mobo , right ??
please help if possible , Thanks !
You have a 90mm fan on the back blowing in? I assume this is down in the lower compartment at the level of the processor. I would consider having it exhaust as well. My preference is to have everything in the back exhausting, and all the in flow from the front or side. You want a flow of fresh air coming through the case.

And are you stacking fans on the PEP? You might give us some more details on that.

But these are tweaks. I think you hit it when you said your PEP might not be able to handle the pelt output (what wattage, BTW?). 1100 is a nice oc, and 27C under load is fine with air.

You may be ready to get wet, my friend. I'm sure Jeff and some of the others can lead you down that watery path.
Having an exhaust fan at the bottom is something you would need to try to see how it works in your configuration. Good flow uses natural convection also, and the object of intakes at the bottom, and exhaust at the top is to allow the heat to rise (which it will always try to do). Pulling the cool air out at the bottom may actually give pockets of heat.
I am not sure on the pelt, But I would check the CFM of all your fans both intake and exhaust. the reason I say this is that regardless of the locations of your fans, if you are putting in more air than you can take out you tend to pressurize the case and stall cooling. Also it would be better to pull slightly more air out than you are putting in this would reduce pressurizing the case and ensure for a good air flow and allow your intake fan to work less and still produce good air flow
Okay thanks guy's ! Some more info , Have the two delta's on the PEP and 1 is blowing into it towards the mobo and on top of the PEP i have the other delta sucking air from the PEP and blowing HOT air to the top of my case where it is exhausted pretty good (the exhaust air is warm) The pelt is a 80watt , I guess its time to get wet as you put it , I am tired of the noise anyhow so LETS GET WET!!! Thanks!