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Get me started again! My rig is like a decade old.

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No, I'm wrong. It's the Prism that has the lights. Breathe easy. But if you're desperate for the glitz I have a Prism laying around I'm not using and I'll make you a good . . . Oh, wait. That's for the classies I guess.

Don't sweat it, pal. Appreciate it. I'm just going to wait for something nice to show up on slickdeals or something. In the meantime, this V1 is holding up nicely. Can't believe I found a 13 year old cooler brand new in the attic. I actually have 2 of them. Think I had 3 at one point.

I used to pick up deals left and right back in the day and hoard items! Years later, they sometimes come into use. The power supply I used for this build was a $60 PSU i think I got for $25, and it's great!
It always is smart to have a lot of spar parts on hand, isn't it. We help so many people on this forum who don't have parts they can swap out for troubleshooting and it makes things much more difficult.
I've always been a sucker for having a ton of s%*! I stuff most of it into boxes with labels in the attic. I also have two pieces of furniture I put up there that I use for the smaller stuff.
I used the attic in a small co-op I lived in about 10 years ago... used the attic so much that the collapsible ladder fell apart and I had to install a new one.