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gettin' too warm...

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T. J.

Jul 6, 2001
New Hampshire, USA
I've been hanging out here learning for the last couple of weeks before attempting my first OC. Had everything running pretty smoothly at about 42-44C idle, 49C loaded (measured with MBM). I replaced my original HSF (a big generic aluminum thing my local vendor sold me) with an Alpha PAL 6035 with the standard YS Tech fan and Artic Silver and my temps actually went up! I took the HSF off and cleaned the base and the core, and reinstalled with new Artic Silver, and I'm still getting 53C idle. The fan is drawing up through the HS as Alpha suggests. My motherboard temps are ok, I think, at around 30C with a big 120mm Panaflo blowing in on the board through the side panel, and an 80mm blowhole fan on top. This seems too warm to me. Things are stable but I'd like to push it further. Any advice for this new OCer?
One of the Alphas (either the PEP66 or the PAL that you have) is unsuited for use on an AMD chip...it just hits a wall somewhat below your watt output. Maybe somebody else would know for sure. I would recommend a different hsf if you have that one (not sure which at the moment as I watercool). The fan is blowing the proper way...this is how it was designed (you do have the shroud on, right?)...just because most of them blow doesn't give any reason to have it blow. I would also check the seating, and maybe lap it.
Thanks for the help, guys. Yes, the shroud was on. I left it out once by accident, but the screws extend 1/8" beyond the sink without it. I may try another hsf. Lot's of strong opinion here regarding those! ;D