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Getting around 1/3 pci on BH6, or do I not If have to?

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Dec 8, 2001
Seattle, Wa
I've been thinking, @ 133mhz fsb on my BH6 rev 1.01 gives me a pci bus clock of 44mhz. Now I've tested this before and found that my 60gb 7200rpm drive was unstable (read/write errors) at 44mhz. Or was it not the hard drive? Could it have been the ide controller? I found that booting off my Slackware 8 cd (for read tests, cat "very large file" > /dev/null) would also give read errors (Edit: At random, it would work 70% of the time) for hdb (cdrom).
Do any of you think I would have any luck with an ata-66+ controller? Anyone know how stable they are at high pci clocks? Know of one that is? Or one that's not?

"PROMISE ULTRA133 TX2 PCI ULTRA ATA/133 2-CHANNEL" for $35 at mwave.com looks really good right about now... I may just buy it anyway, get ata-100 out of my 60gb and a (good?) shot at 1600mhz out of my 1.2 Cel in the bh6.

Input anyone?
Or am I just beating this dead horse a little too hard?

Ps. Sorry about typos, 3 cups of coffee will do that to me :D
For an IDE controller to run above 40 MHz PCI bus speed, it would have to be exceptional. At 44 MHz, your chances are very slim. Sounds like it's time to upgrade motherboards so you can have 1/4 dividers. For about the same price of that Promise controller, you could buy a used Abit BE6 if you need a slot one mobo. Look in the classified section, there was one for sale in there a while back or try eBay.