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Getting the heatsink off a GF2?

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Jul 15, 2001
Yea, my Gf2 has this piddly little stock heatsink, I got a big HSF I wanna stick on so I can overclock the hoe.

To do so all I gotta do is get it running hot (ie. loop 3d mark overnight) and then switch the box off quick, rip out card and prise it off using a flat knife+cardboard to protect chip right?
The theory being high temps start to liquidate the thermal compound/adhesive.

I think most HSF on video cards are held on by clips. I persoanlly never removed one, but have inspected them closely and think that once the clips are released the heatsink (supposedly) twists off using very little torque/pressure.

I'm sure that each card varies in this department and maybe someone here has tinkered with your particular model.
Don't know if you saw my other post or not, but I just went through an episode with a blorb. Let's just say my vid card was overheating and not even working after I put the blorb on. I think Your best bet is to keep the stock HSf on the card. It does a good enough job cooling and a different cooler isn't going to bring very big gains. I ended up riping off the blue orb and puting the stock HSF back on my card.

If you really want to get it off though......
What I did was unscrew the fan and unplug it form the board. then I made sure there wern't any pins or anything else holding the heat sink on. Then I put the whole card inside a anti static bag, put that inside a ziplock bag, squezed all the air out, then threw it in my freezer for a hour. After an hour passed, I pulled the card out of the ziplock and static bag and twisted the heatsink until it poped off. You can also use a knife but be VERY carefull. make sure your prying off the heatsink and not the whole GPU. It should come off very easly after you loosen it up a little. I used both methods. I twisted it some and then used a knife to pry it off the rest of the way.

All in all it's not worth the troubble. Blue orbs are for looks and don't give much if any addes cooling benifits, but it's up to you. My opnion is it's not worth the hassle.