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Getting watercooling, need advice

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Jan 8, 2002
Ay Sailors I'm getting watercooling now, reason is my old system burned and I wanna start up fresh with a fresh new socket, the 478, a new chip the p4 and to get this working as good as possible I figured I needed some fresh water too.
Truth is I have been thinking of watercooling for a long time but I hadn't any money so I never got around to it.
I still don't have much money but now I'm forced to get new stuff and I figured that if I don't get water now I wont get it later either, ever.
So first of all, the blocks:
I'm getting cpu block for the p4 and also one gpu block for the radeon nv30 or GF4 (havn't decided on card yet)
My choises are narrowed down to chosing between going for all Dangerden products or going all for Swiftech products.
They both make good stuff I'm sure but now I wanna know who makes the best.
The standard n00b response you get when asking this question is "go swifty" since it is the only name the n00b have ever heard of before he was asked the question.
Now I wanna know from you! you guys who actually own these things and know how good or bad they are.
I have found pretty cheap resellers in the US that ship both these brands and they cost about the same.

Now the "hardware" part is finished
Here is the "software" part (i.e tubing reservoirs and stuff):
I'm going for a 1/2" system all the way, both Dangerden and Swiftech have this.
The pump is not an issue because I'm picking up a used Eheim 1048 fro 15$ from a guy I met on irc.
It leaks a bit but nothing serious and since I plan to submerge it that wont be a problem.
The big issue is how shall my setup look?
Look at my attached picture and se waht you think.
I'm getting a plastic box, pretty big probably will use 20 liters of water in it.
The water is taken from the tank through the pump and then in a tube it goes through the wall of the tank under water (gonna need to seal this really good to prevent leaks right?)
and then to the GPU block.
Then goes up to the CPU.
Reason for this is that if it went the other way the water cooling the GPU wouldn't be that warm at all and then I could just use a heatsink instead whilst the gpu doesn't heat it up as much so the difference to temp in the water reaching the CPU would be minimal.
Then after the cpu it comes out the back of the case and then there is the part that I aint very certain about.
Should I put a radiator here?
Can I just let it run down the tank and hope that the cold air will chill the water?
Can I run it through a radiator and then down?
Should the radiator have a fan?
Any different suggestions like those bongs I have heard of? (not sure how they work)
Now before you answear remember that I'm on a pretty tight budget, I'm a person who refuses to compromise performance (this two don't mix to well ;) ) and I don't want anything too big or complicated, having the pump and tank outside the box is almost complicated enough.
Hope you can bring me some good suggestions so I can get the most out of my upcoming watersystem and that I didn't bore you to death with this long post.
If you want to buy your stuff in Sweden, Stockholm, www.kylning.com have some good stuff from Innovatek. That is where I got my rig. It is not cheap, but of good german quality and very easy to put togeteher and get to work. The P4-holder for the v3 waterblock is a true work of art. To bad it is hidden inside my computer. :)
Yes I have considered that system, it costs exactly the same in a few other Swedish stores as well but I wan't videocard cooling too and I'm getting my pump separately.
The Innovatek cpu block costs almost 80$ in Sweden and frankly I don't think it's worth it.
If I can persuade the US resellers to ship it as gift/sample then I can make a lot of money while still getting better stuff.
If that doesn't work though then I'll consider Innovatek.