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GF2 GTS O/C Prob

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Jan 16, 2001
Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Hi. I've got a Leadtek GF2 GTS/GTS Pro, and it will not stay locked in at any o/c'd frequencies. I've tried using Winfox, NVMax, GForce tweak and coolbits, with the 12.41,12.60, and 12.90 Detonator drivers. I can set the new speeds, and they last for a while, but tehy will always go back to the default 200/333 clock speeds. Sometimes the new speeds last an hour, other times only a few minutes...it dosen't seem to matter if I'm gaming, or just letting the system idle. Any help would be appreciated.

Duron 750 o/c'd to 1020Mhz (136x7.5)
196 MB cas2 ram (Micron/Infineon)
Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS/GTS PRO
MSI K7t Turbo m/b-integrated sound
Are you sure to set the options for load this at system startup and apply these settings now?

I use the 12.90 drivers and coolbits and have no problems.
Well, have you tried the follwing:

1.-DO your Video card is squezzed between your PSU and a PCI card? Be humane to your card, move the PCI on slot below so some air can flow to your GPU.

2.-If the above is no, have you considered using an slot fan? Like the ones that suck air out of your case?

3.-Upgrade your GPU cooling. I have had some improvements using a copperfoot Blue Orb.

4.-Sometimes it help to put some heatsinks over the memory. Or if already present, just lap them and put some good thermal paste (AS better) between them.

5.-Decrease the temperature of your case, your running to hot.

6.-You can try disabling Side-banding. If your BIOS doesn't allow it, you can use WCPREdit to diable it.

7.-Decrease your AGP transfer rate. From 2x to 1x. (if you reach this point maybe your GPU is a lame dog).

Hope this can help you

Added If your memory is 333 MHz, your card is a plain GeForce II GTS, the GeForce II GTS Pro runs at 400 MHz.
I'd like to change the cooling, as you suggest, but my friend cracked the core on his video card removing the stock fan/heat sink, and he has the same card as I do. I'll try disabling the side-banding, thanks for the tip. I've got goos airflow and a resonable case temp...I've got a few fans in there to keep the system cool. Thanks again!
I think the heat sinks twist off, not with much force (which may have been your friend's error).

Be sure to add some good thermal goop in there when you add the new hsf.

I don't know that this would help, as you've said the case is already being kept reasonably cool.