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GF2 GTS overheating due to AGP overclocking??

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The Faceless Rebel

Mar 3, 2001
This is a frustrating new problem. With Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32 MB, I think it is overheating and crashing with 78mhz AGP bus! ARGH! Why I think this? Cuz...not CPU overheat. And definitely a overheat problem. I'm not even overclocking GF2 at all! I'm using default clock of 200/333 and it's dying when I play Tribes 2!! Dammit!! :(

So anyways, what is the best HSF for a GF2 GPU? I might just throw an old Socket 7 HSF I have laying around on it. Is that any good? Or should I maybe find a Socket 370 HSF? I don't mind losing a PCI slot, since I'm not using that slot right now... Please advise! thanks
Blue Orb is good, I just got one at Fry's for $9.95, but you need to lap it as it is not flat. Artic silver 2 thermal compound may be a good choice for this one. Temperature of my Asus V7700 32meg G2 on 100mhz agp slot ( fsb @ 150 x 2/3 ), core @ 255mhz, memory @ 380mhz, is 29c according to vga probe (35c on back of GPU using non-contact IR thermometer), ambient case temp is 20c.

Socket 7 HSF will work just fine. You could use frag tape to hold it, but artic silver epoxy would probably be better. Nice thing about the Blorb is it fits on board nicely and has spring loaded push pins to hold it down, as well as a 3-pin to 4-pin power adapter, some frag tape and some thermal compound.
ok thanks

i was actually gonna go to Fry's to look for a Card Cooler anyways...so I'll stop by and have a look.

sorry but whats fry's .... please dont tell me you have a local store that sells cool stuff like that.