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gf2 mx400

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Way Too Jealous Member
Dec 13, 2002
Southern California
i am upgrading an old comp for a family member. it has a gf2 mx400 in it, the card came out of his old k6-2, that machine didnt game for anything but he would try with games like halflife and alien vrs predetor. the system was slow as all hell but stable. i upgraded him to a 1ghz athlon and 512 megs of sdram. heres the problem, he is prime stable, and i ran cpu burn for 6 hours with no problems, but unless i underclock the vid card to 166/166 from 200/166 3d mark will hang inside of a minute. right now its going on two hours at 166core and the heatsink is so hot i cant touch it. is it possible that with the athlon i am working the card to its full potential and that is the cause of it overheating? was it common for the gf2 mx to overheat this way?
I never had my GeForce 2 overheat like that, but that sure sounds like the instability problem. Is there good case airflow? Is there a fan on the video cards heatsink or not? If you can get a breeze to just barely flow over the cards heatsink, usually that is enough for those older cards.
the MX400's core would get pretty hot with passive cooling but it shouldn't overheat. you could throw a 40mm chipset fan on the heatsink, that would actually make the core run pretty cool.
it is passivly cooled, the case has 1 80mm intake and 1 80mm exaust, but i dont have the sides on right now so i dont air flow is much of an issue. i diced a slot 1 sink for my 8500 le so i could mod this card, just didnt want to unless i had to. guess ill dig up a socket 7 sink and toss on a fan, thanks for the input