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GF2 Ultra Problem

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New Member
Apr 12, 2001
I posted this in one of the other forums and got a response from one person. I am hoping to see if anyone else has experienced this problem.
Ok, I will describe the problem as best I can. I have a GF2 Ultra with a blue orb and small 4 HS's cooling two memory chips per HS. It runs fine for a while, anywhere from a month to two months, and then it starts screwing up graphics. These screw ups can range from color bleeding in the desktop to an absolute mess when booting up (basically the screen is unreadable). I have found that if I take the blue orb and the HS off, let it sit for a day, and then reglue everything, it will work fine again. However, I am looking for a more permanent solution bc obviously reapplying everything is a time consuming process. Anyone else run into this problem and found a solution? I am thinking about ditching the Blorb, doesn't seem to work as well as it has been made out. Anyone have experience with some other coolers? Thanks for anylp!!
Did you OC you Gforce ? If so how much . I did buy a Blorb for my GTS but it was not very flat , so i had to lap it alot . Try that and youll get higher core speeds.
The problem of concavity on the bottom of the Blorb seems to be a common problem. I noticed a little bit when it had the tabs on, so I took those off and sanded it a little bit. Most likely I didn't sand it enough. I think I am going to get one of the Tennmax coolers. They seem to be a little bit better, and they are all one piece as opposed to the Blorb's two part nature. Thanks for the input!!