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GF2 Ultra Problem

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New Member
Apr 12, 2001
Ok, I will describe the problem as best I can. I have a GF2 Ultra with a blue orb and small 4 HS's cooling two memory chips per HS. It runs fine for a while, anywhere from a month to two months, and then it starts screwing up graphics. These screw ups can range from color bleeding in the desktop to an absolute mess when booting up (basically the screen is unreadable). I have found that if I take the blue orb and the HS off, let it sit for a day, and then reglue everything, it will work fine again. However, I am looking for a more permanent solution bc obviously reapplying everything is a time consuming process. Anyone else run into this problem and found a solution? Thanks for your help!!
This is a toughie. Have you tried reapplying either just the Blorb, or just the ramsinks, rather than both at the same time?
And what kind of thermal paste are you using? If it's cheap stuff, it might be gradually drying out and causing you to lose thermal conductivity.
Is the card overclocked?
I haven't tried to do them independently of one another. I used the artic silver paste, and it isnt being overclocked (for now a GF2ultra is plenty fast for me!!!) I smoothed down the HS even more now bc using a hand sander and starting with some fine paper and moving to even finer. Each time washing them to remove any left over metal dust. Maybe this will solve my problem. I just hope I don't have to go through it again...takes too much time!! Thanks for the help!!