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GF2MX help with WIN2k

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Aug 4, 2001
I have a gf2mx and im running it under win2k.
I have the standard drivers which came with it and currently using them. (60fps in cs)
I want to install the 12.90 drivers but when i do my frame rate in counter strikes drops like hell..(20fps)
Not only that everything starts to blur..
Can anyone help me to prevent this when im using the 12.90 drivers?
O yeh where can i find the tweak utility for the vid card?
thats strange
ive had no such problems with my geforce2mx
or the 12.90 drivers,but i know others have
to maintain a good frame rate,u might as well use your older drivers
and try powerstrip for overclocking your card
odd about the drivers, but a lot of people use older drivers because they work better on their systems...

www.tweakfiles.com has all the stuff you need for overclocking the card...

and welcome to the forum! :)
12.60 drivers have been very good to me in 2k, using a gf2gts. Any other drivers drops me like 10 frames and a couple hundred 3d marks. Try this:
1) Download 12.60 drivers, a quick google session will cover you there.
2) Decompress the drivers to a spot on your hdd.
3) Uninstall the nvidia drivers from the add/remove programs dialog box
4)Reboot in safe mode, run a search in /winnt/system32 for files named nv*
5)delete them all
6)reboot into normal administrator and install the new drivers through the device manager.
7)Post back and tell us how it went ;)
thnx for the advice buts thats just too long
im too lazy cause im usually dont have that much time to do that cause i get home around 10pm everynite..
so yeh
i'll try the powerstrip program though..
Dam win2k sucks lol
only get 60fps
when other OS gets 100fps (though cs limits it to only 100fps)