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GF4. 4400-4600 I want 1 !

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Nov 13, 2001
Here is an article from AnandTech. (Very Long)

OMG! The 4400 and 4600 Kick some serious @$$.
I am ready now. but not for over $200.oo+ !
Price watch is still high.

I was lookin for a 8500 for vid quality, but can't find 1 locally, for under 200 bucks. and the GF4- 4400 list on PW @ like 235.

Guess I hold out untill the price drops. (then every 1 will have 1)

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I wouldn't pick up a GF4 anything. Hell, GF3 barely makes use of everything incorporated into it, and no matter what you read @ Anand, we all know that benchies usually don't translate into real-world numbers.
"Just Shoot" thanks, I'll take another look. I musta missed it.

"Oni" I just got done speakin w/ Dragonbud, who has a Ti4400.
- Says it rocks.

I guess for the time being, I'm gonna have to wait it out. Till the $ comes down a bit more to make it easier to swallow.
im gonna wait for the GF4 4200 if any. it should be less than $200 and ill just overclock it and try to get at least 4400 speeds. i think thats the best bet for those of us who cant run out and buy the latest and greatest just to have it.
Never the less I'll also hold out for a Ti4200.
After seeing my friend's Rage128 Pro have no new drives put out for it in the last FIVE months. ATi isn't impressing me any.
I guess I'm just a sucker. Personaly I know the ti4600 benches low, but man it is so smooth and crisp, especialy in gaming formats. I like it so much I'm getting the asusV8460 Ultra/Deluxe for my soon to be be rambus northwood. I would shy away from some of the first run, cheaper cards though. They seem to be lacking HS's on the memory, and have crappy HSF's on the gpu, i.e. Visiontek, PNY. Somebody has to buy into the future it might as well be me, after all you can't take it with you when your gone.