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gf4 mx420

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Sep 30, 2002
Is there a temp sensor on a geforce4 mx420? if there is, how can I access it? If not, recommendations for a cheap method of getting the temp would be helpful. :)

also, I want to get this card oc'ed a ton, but don't have my watercooling setup yet. (post in extreme cooling :D). How high do you all think I could get it on air cooling? I would experiment, but I don't have an extra hundred dollars to get a ti4200 if I blow it.:(

Oh, one more thing, Kinda a tangent but related...how much of a performance increase would I see by taking my sdram up to about 150mhz?

i had the mx440, u can see in my sig how far i got the core / mem, there is no temp monitor on your card, best bet is to see if u can get a cheap monitor, i got one for £20, dunno us prices, sdram.....not sure u will see too much performance boost and not even sure u will 150+ mhz on that card, thats quite alot to ask ! id estimate 80mhz tops. let us know how u get on and post some 3dmark results :D
yeah, the sliders in the msi ustility started at 333 mem clock and 250 core speed. they go up to 470 and 350. Thanks for the tip on the temps.
My GeForce4 MX440 came stock @ 270/400 and I oc'ed to 320/480 so your MX should go up somewhat...depending on the ram quality and such.