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Gforce 4 Thermaltake Copper Cooling Set

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Sep 8, 2002
Exactly how to install this bad boy? I tried but failed. I can't seem to pinch the push pins on original one because my fingers cant pinch without hurting. I also don't know how to remove the original heatsinks(do i just pull them off?). Any help cause I need to oc my card more :)
hi there. i have the cooler myself, and surprisingly it doesnt make much of a difference in overclocking ability. It may help your core out, it got mine to 320 stable. Anyways, yeah just pop off your original heatsink, im not sure if PNY uses the sticky stuff to make the heatsink real hard to get off. You'll know if when you take the pins out it doesnt come right off. If it seems to be stuck to the GPU, then you need to either put the card in a freezer bag (ziploc preferred) and stick it in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. If that doesn't work, then try turning your resolution and graphic details real high in a game like ut2k3 or bf1942 and play for an hour, they immediately shut down the system and put a credit card in between the gpu and the heatsink. Then use a flat head screw driver to pop the thing off, by putting it in between the card and the gpu (so no damage is done) and thrust down, and watch out the thing is gonna go flying :)
The rest is real easy, just put the included thermal paste on (or as3 if you have) and push the pins into the holes. Simple.
ok thanks ill get to it tomorrow, but what abou the heatsink rectangles. Are those easy to get off or should I just put those on with it? :p
here is the best way to get stuff off your card;
1. Open 3dMark2001
2. Run benchmarks for 30-45 minutes (overclock you card if you want.)
3. then after its done rip the card out, after shutting down, and everything should come off way easier. i remember herting myself getting the ram coolers off my gf3.

hope that helps,