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Gforce II MX, hang it by the heatsink?

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May 8, 2001
Hello guys, I have a problem with my Hercules 3D prophet II MX(32 MB Samsung SDRAM). I can not got pass 190 MHZ on the GPU and RAM (by using the hardware options)with out the system freezing. I have the lastest driver and bios update from Nvidia and Gillmulot. What the deedalee is going on? I even put a fan on the GPU heat sink to keep it cool.
Im running on T-900 @945 socket with (1)256, (1) 128,(1)64 PC133 RAM w/ X-gamer5.1and WIN ME OS.
Thank you very much
thank you for the reply. I have a Gigabyte 7-ZX VIA KT133 686A south brige(rev1) mobo with AMIBOIS. I can't not change the mutiplier in the Chipset bios and no pins on the mobo. Am i stuck?
I would not say running the core and memory @ 190 mhz is slow and its faster than I run my Gforce. Rather than just turn the speed up I would suggest trying benchmark comparisons at different speeds as I find that running my card faster than 170 mhz does not get noticeable or worth while gains.


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On the GeForces w/ SDR Memory, your not gaining anything by setting the GPU over 190. The SDR memory on the MX cards creates a bottleneck. I have the same card and I run it at 185 or 190 GPU and 205 memory.

Above 190, the memory simply can't handle what the GPU is throwing at it. Instead of worrying about the GPU, I would concentrate on adding a nice heatsink/fan combo to the memory. I run fans on both and have had the GPU at 200, memory at 205 but 3DMark01 scores are no higher. Good Luck!

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I took my heatsink off my MX card and lapped it, then reinstalled it using Arctic Silver. I also added a 40mm fan (old 486 CPU fan). This helped me overclock a little more. Next, I bought a Blue Orb and replaced the original heatsink with the new cooler. I also added some little sinks to my memory chips. This helped my card run a little more faster and a little more cooler.

Nice Job! I haven't invested in a Borb yet but everyone seems to rave about 'em. I'm currently using the same original Blue sink that comes on the Prophet 2 MX but I have a fairly large fan attached.

I used a sink from an "old" pentium pro for the memory along w/ another similar fan. Works good to 190/205. I have the best luck running 98se w/ the 7.58, windows cert. drivers.

Man I love this sh!t
nice job with that card Batboy!! I have an Antec SX-830 workstation case with (3) 80mm fans sucking and pulling air in and out. I noticed when I OC my card to like 190 198 or something the RAM gets "warm" and the GPU is little warm thanks the to old Thunderbird CPU fan i put on it. I don't think heat is an issue with it, maby I'm wrong. also sometimes i see graphic glitches when my card is OCd.
Where did you get the heatsinks for your RAM?
T-900 socket, 448PC-133 RAM, 30 gig WD 7200 ATA 100, TDK 12X10X32, DVD, X-gamer+5.1, RealMagic DVD decoder
PS, when i was touching the heatsink and ram the comp has been on for hours with benchmarks running and games, the case temp was aound 25'C
You've got the idea. Once you get to the point where you are seeing artifacts, start slowly cranking your card down to a point where it will run w/o and glitches.

If you invest in a better fan and some heatsinks for your memory, you should see an improvement in clock rate for both memory and GPU.

The ramsinks on BatBoy's MX can be found at coolerguys and probably a bunch of other places....they're cheap too which is good!
To be honest, the vid memory sinks only helped me overclock about another 3 MHz. However, the Blue Orb on the core really did make a major difference. Of course I even lapped the Blorb a little smoother and then used Arctic Silver on GPU too. The Blorb works quite well and it also blows air across the memory sinks, which seems to help a little too. Even if I include the price of the sandpaper and the glob of thermal paste, the MX cooling mods as shown in my pic were still well under $20 including the shipping cost. However, I've had this card since last fall, time to sell it and get an Ultra...maybe? Whoa, just checked prices of the Ultras (gasp), maybe I'll keep my MX a little while longer.
Gwballs, I'll list a link to the site I bought the sinks. They treated me right and shipped fast. Go to the video and chipset section. For a MX vid card you need two of the 20mmX30mm sinks. There are actually four memory chips on the MX, but I used one sink per two chips and it fit perfectly. I used Arctic Silver epoxy which is excellent, permenant, and expensive. But I've also heard of people using a dab of super glue in each corner of each chip and regular thermal paste in the center of each chip.

Yes, the glitches (artifacts) mean you're overclocking the card too much or you need better cooling. Backing off a tiny bit usually works. Cooling mods usually help to overclock a tad more. Good luck.