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Gforce3 rebooting comp at windows startup

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Dec 26, 2000
Now it might not do that to all comps. I had to dismantle mine to return the mobo which had a DDR slot broken and installed the gforce3 on a friends computer for fun. After booting in windows for standard VGA mode to install drivers, rebooted... then right after windows 98 was done loading, the computer just reseted, what could it be? he has a 250W power supply i think

The computer restarted every single time, except when loaded with standard VGA drivers

After that he reinstalled his gforce2 and his comp didnt reset anymore
Drivers. First, be sure you are using (I think) version 1200 or higher. The older drivers don't support the geforce3 (of course, in order for w98 to see it as a geforce3, the correct driver is needed; so this is probably moot).

Check your AGP and chipset drivers. If an Abit or Via chipset, make sure you are using the latest drivers for that (the 4-in-1).

Some additional specs (cards, hardrive, cpu, motherboard) will be needed as we don't know what you have and if they can be causing conflicts.