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Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI - Manual OC for SFF build - p states?

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Here's a look at what I my stock conditions look like. I reset the BIOS to optimized settings and then only re-did the memory OC.

Now, here are my results for the most recent manual OC to 4.2GHz @ 1.15V. I keep looking for a way to run with AMD's boost algorithms enabled but it's hard for me to see what I am really giving up by just running with this manual OC.

I pick up 9% in multi-threaded Cinebench, 2% in single thread and 15C in CPU temp!
Since your stock default boost is only a little higher than your all core frequency when manually set and your vcore is so low when you set all cores to 4.2 manually you would seem to be better off just running the latter. You gain almost 400 points in CB R20 with an all core manual clock of 4.2. And I think you have concluded that.

Your package power is actually significantly less with your manual overclock but your CB R20 results are significantly higher. No question there which way you should go. My package power even at stock is almost 160 W. Way more than yours. If I didn't have a 240 ml AIO water cooler I'd be dead in the water.

If I manually clock all my cores to 4.2 I only gain about 100 points on CB R20 over stock since at stock default I have three cores that boost to 4.3+ and I have to run high voltages all the time if I OC all cores to 4.2 ghz, like 1.425.
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Yeah, definitely happy with the decision to go with 7nm 6-core Ryzen series with this tiny case. Would have been hell to keep a part pulling significantly higher power cool!

Thanks for talking things through with me. I think I am going to leave it be for a while. I honestly love tinkering with this stuff...but I don't know that I can actually get a whole lot better than I already have.