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Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 i7 920 overclock help.

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Oct 25, 2001
Hi all,

I'm new to the BLCK overclocking, I'm used to the old FSB - Multiplier clock.
It was also a long time since I played around seriously in a bios so I need some help what different stuff means.

My rig:
Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud7
cpu: i7 - 920 d0rev
gpx - 9800GT
psu corsair 650w
hdd intel ssd 80 gb
ram corsair xms3 1600ghz 7-7-7-20 1,65v
Chassie - Home mod from a lian li with 2 front fans, 2 topfans and 1 small rear fan.
Cpu cooling - Air - Noctua - nh-d14

Overclocking: I played around some last night and below is what I ended up with but I need to know more aout voltages and stuff before I dare to push it.

Core speed - 4,2 GHz (200 x 21)
QPI link - 3,6GHz
Dram freq 800MHz (FSB:Dram 2:8) 7-7-7-20-1
Temps realtemp 3.40 and pime 95 25.8 max heat test -> 62, 60, 60, 58 C
Speedfan + prime -> Core 0 - 3 :63, 61, 60, 58. Gpu -> 52, Temp1 =37, temp 2 = 49, temp 3 =46, temp = 2C (must be something wrong here)
Speedfan gives the values
Vcore1 = 1,26v
VCore2 = 1,52v (Where do I find this one in bios???)
+3,3 = 3,34v, +5V = 4,87V, +12V = 10,37V

Volt according to cpu-Z
core voltage (1.264V old) 1.248V

Bios settings: Hold on its a long one :)
Clock ratio = 21 (cpu freq 4,2 GHz)
QPI clock = x32 (7,2 GHz)
Baseclock = on (I write on instead of enabled, shorter)
Baseclock = 200
Performane enhance = Standard
XMP = Off
Mem multipl = 8x (1066, 1600)
DRam timing sel = Quick (ddr volt 1,5, QPI 1,175)
Timing 7-7-7-20-auto
Loadline cal = standard (What is this and what can I achieve by changing it?)
CPU VCore = 1,33125V
QPI/Vtt Core 1,215V
IOH Core 1,100V
DRAM = 1,540V
Menu: Advanced volt control
VCore, qpi, ioh dram as above
CPU PLL 1,880 V (Is this ok?)
pci-e = auto (I tried to set it manually to standard value but the gpx card didn't show any pic so i let it be auto)
qpi PLL = auto (should i set this one manually?what does it do?)
ICH I/O = Auto (set manually? what does it do?)
ICH Core - Auto (set manually? What does it do??)
DRam = 1,540V
Dram termination = Auto (set man? What does it do?)
CH-A -> CH-C Data Vref = Auto (set man? What does it do?)
CH-A -> CH-C Adress Vref = Auto (as above)

Questions which of the voltages above is = Uncore?
How does the voltages look? I remember reading somewhere about that there should be some specific balance between some voltages like volt A should be volt B +0,5 or something but I can't seem to find it.. think it was memory related tough.. anyone knows what I'm thinking about?

Other bios settings:
Turbo enabled (had to do this to get multi 21), cores = all, Multithread = off, CPU Halt C1e - off, tempmon - on, eist - off (should i activate this when running 24/7 if i get a fan faliure? or will cpu throttle down anyway when reaching 100c?), bidirectional prochot - on (what the hell is this?), virtua tech - on.

Should I push the clocking more o settle with 4,2 GHz (want to run the computer 24/7)


Edit: Made some tweaking:
BLCK = 200 -> 201 (4,22 GHz)
Cpu Vcore 1.33125 -> 1.31875
QPI/Vtt core 1,215 -> 1,175
CPU PLL 1,880 -> 1,840
DRam 1,540 -> 1,500
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New Member
Oct 10, 2010
Hi there,

First off all, I apologize for some possible mistakes in my english. I'm trying. :)

@ hybris6

I have a very similar situation. First of all, I'll be getting almost the same rig as yours is(maybe was, because it's been a while since your post), and second is that I have about the same amount of knowledge when it comes to blck, but would rather say less, then I would love to. That being said, I would like to ask for your help in that matter, because the more I read about overclocking of i7 on x58, the more i get confused by reading different and different opinions..

Thats why i decided to ask You, cause you have the most similar hardware.

In a week, I will have:

MB: Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud7
cpu: i7 920 D0 with noctua nh-d14
gpu: gigabyte radeon 5870OC
psu: corsair HX750
ram: Corsair XMS3 Dominator DDR3-RAM 6GB (CMP6GX3M3A1600C8) Have to remove the top of heatsinks because noctua..
case: antec 902

By reading a massive amount of wall of texts in a past couple of weeks, I would be more than happy to achieve 3.8, or maybe 4.0 without pushing the limits by far but still getting the maximum from radeon 5870.

My main concern is stability, because the machine is going to be used 24/7, so my question is:
what are the exact parameters that I need to change in BIOS to achieve the wanted speed having in mind all of the above?

Any help is apreciated, and thank you in advance for your post.