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Gigabyte ga-z68a-d3h-b3 _ i5-2500K first overclock help request.

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New Member
Sep 29, 2020
Attempting my first CPU overclock. I've done some research but I still am not sure if I am doing it correctly.


gigabyte ga-z68a-d3h-b3
Intel i5-2500K
OS: Linux Mint 20
8 Gig RAM (2 x 4 Gig) Kingston Hyper Blu DDR3 1333
Cooler Master TX3 CPU cooler

I am wanting a mild overclock of 4Ghz. In the Bios I have the following adjusted settings:

Advanced Frequency Settings

CPU Clock Ratio 40x
SPD 13.33
All else standard settings

Advanced CPU Core Features

CPU Clock Ratio 40x
All else standard settings

Advanced Memory Settings

All standard settings except spd is 13.33 and Performance Enhance is set to Standard.

Advanced Voltage Settings

DVID +0.020V
All else are standard settings.

Not sure if I should be adjusting other settings, disabling or enabling certain functions, etc. As the overclock is mild I am not sure if I have to do all that much. DVID was just a conservative guess. Turbo is still on as far as I can tell, not sure where I go to turn it off as apparently that is what I'm suppose to do. Not sure if I am suppose to overclock the RAM as well, I left it alone as I am not familiar with that and whether that requires more cooling. At any rate merely want to tweak settings for stable 4Ghz clock. Any advice appreciated.

Additionally as I am on Linux Mint I cannot seem to find a suitable benchmark program similar to one that would be available for Windows OS that would give me the info I need and do adequate testing of the CPU. If anyone can recommend a program for such, much appreciated.
Not a linux guy... but I can point you to an overclocking guide for that chip. :)


Hi, I had seen that page before. Not sure of the importance of manually setting the RAM timings as oppose to auto. Can't seem to ascertain final voltage though I do see in BIOS that my current VCore is 1.308 in BIOS. I took the additional step of disabling CIE, C3/C6, and CPU EIST. I left CPU Thermal monitor and Bi-Directional PROCHOT on Auto.

Just kinda shooting in the dark here.
for the 2500k.... you should be able to set the multi to x40 and not change anything else.

Ok cheers.

It appears that what I have now is a Turbo clock speed of 4Gz while base is 3.3Ghz. Not sure if that's what I want. Essentially attempting more performance for gaming. I have considered OC higher than 4Ghz but again it's a matter of correcting settings and the fact that unfortunately Linux doesn't seem to have the same available benchmarking/stress testing tools as well as system info/monitoring tools that can tell me clock speed and voltages once in the operating system. So I'm a hesitant to go past the 4Ghz mark.