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Gigabyte HD5850 Problem

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New Member
Jan 8, 2010
Hi guys.

I searched on google for an anwser to this question but couldnt find anything, so here it goes..

Yesterday, I bought a Gigabyte HD5850 and installed in my comp. No problem.

However when I turn the computer on, I get white lines that run horizontal across the bottom of the monitor (computer boots but nothing is seen other than white lines) Although the line change size/location as it boots normally.

But if I turn off the computer and then back on again this usually fixes the problem, if not just turn the computer Off/On again.

I dont think its a PSU problem (Enermax Revolution 1250w), my computer is only afew months old.

Any help would be appreciated.


PS. Spec's here:

i7 920 w/ noctua
asus rampage II extreme mobo
12gig corsair xms3
gigabyte HD 5850
enermax revolution 1250w


Dec 27, 2004
Northeast Ohio
You have both PCI power plugs in? what are the specs on your monitor? How is it connected to the graphics card? Are you sure the card is seated in the PCIe slot all the way?


New Member
Jan 8, 2010
Hi Mxthunder.

I just checked everything.

2x 6 pin power plug = check
seated in PCI-e slot = check

Monitor is a old LCD. Samsung 172x 17 inch (yes I know its small lol) connected in top DVI port on the back of the card.

Though I just changed the way I connected the power. before I had both 6 pin connectors both on the same power cable, now I have added another cable (modular PSU) so that each 6 pin connector is on a seperate line.