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Gigabyte mainboard with dual PIII

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May 6, 2003
I originally posted this in the Mainboard section but thought I would get a response here...

Got a Gigabyte GA-6VTXDR-C with dual PIII Tualitin 1.26 512k. I couldn't find any information about this board on the Gigabyte site... to help (a little) its basically got no AGP, 5 PCI slots, onboard RAID and LAN (Intel).

I was really just wondering if anyone has this setup and how they have gone with OC? Or, anyone have this board and had any joy?

I came across a page recently that basically said this board has no features that allow overclocking. Just thought I would ask the community for there opinion.

If its got no AGP then I think it will be aimed mostly at the server, possibly workstation market. I think most SMPers here use duallies as their main rigs, including at least some gaming.

I could be wrong tho, wouldnt be the first time :D.
If it has no AGP, Ill bet $20 that its a Serverworks chipset...nice, very solid and stable, but Ive yet to see one overclockable via the BIOS. Since you have 133 FSB P3s there, there's no chance for you to OC; the only way to OC would be to do the BSEL pin trick found in the Intel stickies, and for that you need a lower FSB on the CPUs than the board supports.
Computing for me is like a 10, 000 peice jig saw puzzle... slowly pieces are fitting together, but the picture is far from complete.

When I originally put this machine together I did a bit of research myself but handballed most of it to an associate (who has been in the hadware business for many years). Somehow, I end up with a stable but otherwise useless motherboard.

Here's me using 3ds max with a PCI based video card... yet I have onboard RAID!! Wacko. Unfortunately, I cant afford another 120Gb HDD.

I wonder how many other people have learned this lesson -->> Dont rely on anyone... no matter how much you (or they) think they know!!!