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Gigabyte Motherboard problem

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New Member
Apr 25, 2017
I am trying to get my computer started all it does is click on then click off. I get nothing on the screen I know that the Motherboard I am using has a main and backup bios. Its a Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP i saw in another post about how to access the backup bios but none of the options listed seem to work. The one that some users said worked for them was option 2 which said hold down the reset button while powering the pc on and that worked but I don't know where the reset button is that they are talking about.

does anyone have a clue?

Method #1:
1. Shut your PC down (if you're reading this guide, than your PC isn't working anyways)
2. Hold the power button until the PC starts and shuts down again
3. Press the power button again, your backup BIOS should kick in now and should re-flash the main BIOS if there's anything wrong with it.

Method #2:
1. Shut your PC down
2. Hold the power AND the reset button for about 10 sec, than release.
3. Backup BIOS should kick in anytime soon now.

Method #3:
Had to use this one in order to get my 990FXA-D3 working again. Backup BIOS kicked in using method #2, but I was back to the good ol' no signal state once the procedure finished..
1. Short out pins 1 and 6 on the main BIOS chip (pin #1 should be marked with a red dot or whatever)
2. Tell a friend (or a relative) of yours to press the power on button
3. Remove the ghetto-like jumper you're holding between pins 1 and 6 as soon as you hear a beep.
4. Backup BIOS should kick in again and everything will (hopefully) be fine.


Dec 10, 2003
The power reset button is on the case next to the power button. Did you try shorting out the the clear CMOS pins that you will find the location in the manual?