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Gimme a Clear KR7A Volt Mod.

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Classifieds Moderator
Mar 3, 2002
I am thinking about doing a volt mod on my KR7A mobo. I read the one yesterday on a site called "mods4me" which just showed me where voltage chips were on the pcb. I want pictures of the actual soldering and the reistors. I am a bit nevous so the more pictures the better, the better I will feel.

Yeah, I am so dumb you will have to draw me a picture!


Jan 26, 2002
NH Biodiesel master
Try looking over Docs post down a few posts, it seems pretty detailed,I am also nervous about doing(I have the same board) but I saw Larry Quinns post about vmod kits premade and they looked like alot safer solution and not as perminent.