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Glaciator HELP!!

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Jun 22, 2001
Im new to overclocking (Hello Everyone!) and I made the mistake of ordering a TT Supermini orb with my new system...ouch...on a hot day I finally got it down to 55c idle 63C load....case temp is about 35C. I hate the miniorb...I cant stay at 1.4 long before heat kills me. :( So I ordered a glaciator to solve my prob. But the cursed orb had generated another prob. On my dry run (I'm new at this) I had a little trouble getting it off. Understatement. I snapped the tab almost clear off. Theres just enough of it for the orb to still hold. The glaciator on the other hand has me scared. Just wondering about thoughts on what I can do. Supports? Superglue? ANYTHING??? Thanks a lot for any help. My poor athlon whines when she has to run at 1.33, she likes to fly.
forget the glaciator, get a swiftech mc 462, it bolts thru the mobo and your worn out clips wont matter
you can make a new tab out of sheet metal or a piece of thick(ish) wire and epoxy it to the motherboard... i think joe has an article up about this on the main page... have a look.
Thanks guys...Ill try the new tab...id go for another HSF, but I've alrewady ordered the glaciator, and will have an extra orb...two extra HSF seems a bit much...money isnt that tight but i hate to be wastful :)