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Glaciator Owners!

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New Member
Jul 16, 2001
Hey All!

I was hoping to see if I could get a few Glaciator Owner's to post their Avg. Temps with this product.

I have just finished building another new system. Full Tower, Case Mods, T-Bird 1.2 on w KK266 (Fry's Special), 256 MB PC150, etc... and I am interested in seeing what kind of temps everyone is getting.

I haven't run any real tests yet but at an Ambient of 85F my case is around 87F and Chip under load is running around 105F.

Thanks All!

I just put a Althon 1.2 GHz, 200 MHz FSB and a Glaciator in my computer. I am a little disappointed in the Glaciator because my temps are running about 50C under load. ( Playing games. Nothing really strenuous.) Just browsing the Internet runs 47C. This is according to Motherboard Monitor and Motherboard Probe. The motherboard is an Asus A7V. A very thin layer of Arctic Silver II grease was used on the CPU. Room temperature is about 25C. These are the same temperatures I was getting with my Taisol CGK heatsink. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Get a real temp probe! I did and i found the MB overestimates about 10 degrees sometimes more! (I have a A7V)
When I subtract what I think are the "bogus" numbers (from MBM), I get into the 50s full load, my ambient is around 30C (about 90F)...

and if I did the c/w math right..that should be correct...but I haven't done much double-checking..
The Glaciator is an excellent HSF. It is not as good as the MC-462A when the MC-462A is used with the Delta fan it was originally designed for. With all due respect to Joe C., I felt the MC-462A results in his article were unfairly handicapped by the use of the inferior Sanyo Denki fan on it. Here's some raw data, averaged over three runs with three tear downs, cleanings, re-application of AS and re-mounting. Core temps were measured with a Fluke Digital Temp Meter and a Type K thermocouple nudged up against the core, between the HSF baseplate and the CPU substrate. Careful effort went into making sure the thermocouple did not interfere with the mating of the core and baseplate and that the thermocouple did not touch the baseplate, only the core.

For this test, I used my trust 1000/266 AXIA "Y" Tbird





Glac----1500 Failed at any Vcore up to 2.05V

Glac----1524 Failed at any Vcore up to 2.05V


Since I had lapped the MC-462A when I first got it, I likewise lapped the Glaciator. The graininess of the copper made it take some work to reach a near-mirror finish similar to the MC-462A.

The clip on the Glaciator was easy to use. Thanks to whoever suggested taking out the PSU.

The reduction in noise over the MC-462s Delta is a great attribute, but I sincerely believe more air velocity would make the Glaciator perform better. The fins and baseplate were constantly warm and the MC-462s pins were constantly cool to the touch. Perhaps if the copper fins were thinner, they would give up the heat more readily, not to menthion, you could fit more of them in the same footprint.

The "head room" difference is very noticeable between the two. Once the 1450 Mhz test was stopped, the MC-462A took the core temp down into the mid-20s C within 30 seconds, whereas the Glaciator was still in the upper 30s. It took 3 more minutes for the Glaciator to drop to the mid-20s.

As you can see from the MBM temps, the Glaciator does indeed register higher on the in-socket thermistor than the MC-462A. I believe there are two reasons for this. First, the MC-462A moves a lot more air around the socket area due to the higher air volume capacity of the Delta fan. Second, since the Glaciator holds more heat in the baseplate than the MC-462A, it radiates more heat back toward the CPU substrate and slows the release of heat from it.

All-in-All, the Millenium Glaciator is an excellent HSF. I have not compared it to the ThermalRight SK-6, or other contenders in it's Price-Point category, because I don't have them, but from other reviews and reports, I would stongly suspect that it is at, or near the top.

For people pushing their Tbirds and Durons up high and I don't mean a 1.33 or 1.4 to 1.54, I mean a 1.0 to 1.5 or a 900 to 1.45, (read >1.85Vcore) I would recommend the MC-462A, with the Delta fan[/b} over it any day. For the rest of you, the Glaciator is a good performer that is built well and should serve your needs.

I know you wanted some simple Glaciator temps, but this was from a post I did several weeks ago and didn't want to re-type it.

Respectfully submitted

Hoot has some good info though remember that the 462 is twice the price as the glaciator. Writing this my temp is 42c without any cooling software running.
My Glaciator is pretty good, Id still take it over my SK6, though, and SK6 with a Delta might give it a run for its money (I have a YStech). My Glac is at least 2 ot 3 C cooler than the SK6. I Have a Swiftech 462 and MCX370 comming that I will put the test to. Only problems Ive been having are reoccuring lockups with either heatsink at full 1.4GHz.. I dont know why, but I think its just heat related.. not sure though.. But with the AC going here in the office and an ambiant in-case temp of 24C, case off, and fans blowing, my SK6 can cool off my 1.4 all the way down to 30C at idle, havent tried it with the Glac yet.. Im doing 33C with a bunch of windows and such open now at 1.2GHz. Within a few weeks I will have a roundup test of all the big namers and their temps, so far we have the SK6, Glaciator, 462 and X370 in the lineup.
Hoot, do you where there are any good guides on lapping? I know there is one at atlantaoc.com but I figured if you approve of it, or something else, that's what I'll follow. That article on the front page was some good reading too.
Y'know, I've never read an article on lapping. I think it can be pursued to the point of diminishing returns though. I usually start with 600, then 800. The key is to do it with water until that grade of paper is wore out, then move to the next grade. I start with a quart of water in a jar or something. I add a teaspoon of dish liquid soap to it and mix thoroughly. Flush off the copper slurry frequently with the water/soap mix. I use the formica counter top in the kitchen as a base and duct tape the sheet of sandpaper to it. Make sure there are no bread crumbs or whatever on the surface first. ;D When you are satisfied or wore out, rinse the entire HS in scalding hot water and dry with some soft paper towels. Put it on while it's still hot from the hot water rinse.

AXIA Y 1.2 266 running at 1.81v (1.725 in bios) is at 1.33 (10 x 133)
ambient temp is 22C (72F) approximate

MBM5 reports
case temp is 26C (79F)
idle temp is 29C (84F)
f@h load temp is 49C (120F)
In my rathe long post, I forgot to mention that I was running Prime95 Torture to obtain my temps.

How high grade sandpaper do you continue to? I've heard of a lot of people going to 1500 grit, a few go to 2000 for that perfect mirror finish.
My Idle temps with the Glaciator is 27C and my full load is 43C with an ambient temp of 25C according to MBM5,From what i'v read its more like around 40C on my full load,which is a little better then what I got with my PAL6035,It had a bigger fan and made alot more noise so i'm happy. I'v got one of the older TB's an AVHA (something like that,Its been awhile) 1000@1300,1.85V 137x9.5
256 Kingmax
As far as lapping goes,I don't plan on lapping this hs yet anyhow. I use 800 w/d to start.I use water as a lube and do it on a piece of glass to keep it as flat as possible,then go to 1500 and it does a good job.you can get the w/d at any auto parts store or go to Walmart and get it in the auto section.
Well...Here goes...

I have an Athlon MP running on my KK266R
I use my Digital Doc 5 to monitor Temps.

@ 1466 1.81v and 24C Ambient

Load --43C

Also I'm running Win2K Sp2 without ACPI
I use Prime 95 for 10 Minutes to get the temps

The Cooler works out to have a .21C/W at Idle
Diablo6178 (Jul 19, 2001 02:25 p.m.):
Load --43C

Also I'm running Win2K Sp2 without ACPI
I use Prime 95 for 10 Minutes to get the temps

I wouldn't call 10mins of prime95 a "load temp," but that is just my opinion. In order to see a max load temp, you should let the cpu run hot for at least an hour so that the heat from the cpu will raise the case temp to it's maximum. Another thing I recommend is using Folding@Home to get a "max load" temp reading. Personally I have found that F@H raises my cpu temp 1c higher that Prime95 torture ever does. Results may vary, I suppose.
I let my CPU run Prime95 until the temp stops going up, no matter how long it takes, 10 min. or 10 hr.
Try not to lose sight that when you are testing an HSF, you are interested in how the HSF performs, not your case. Otherwise it would be a post about total system performance and start to blur toward anecdotal. If one guy has 10 120mm case fans and the next guy has 2 80mm case fans, will they get the same result with the same HSF, CPU, Vcore and Speed? Blurrr...

As I type now I am idle at 32c-CPU/ 20c-case. Under load (Prime95) I get 39c/ 24c-case. If y'all don't know it, Hoot has alot of great ideas about cooling, especialy an article he did called cohesive cooling. That mod alone brought down temps 7c, and I was able to pull out the power tools!! I did buy a Swiftech MC-462A bacause of all the hype. I am finding that I am getting better temps with the Glaciator. As we all know, each system is different and will react accordingly to different mods. I will keep the Glaciator for awhile because my spare parts closet is getting full!! Oh, and I do use ACPI and the WCPREDIT trick in my registry.