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Gladiator VS Glaciator

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Mar 11, 2001
Auburn California
So i always make mistakes like buying things then asking later which one is best, well since the price was rite and i'm sure it will be better then the coolermaster i'm running now i went with the Gladiator I would think the Glaciator would be a little better but by how much? running the same setup anybody care to throw in a difference in Centigrade?

Thanks all.
Out have you seen the reviews.


T-Bird 1133 MHz on Iwill KT266

Heatsink/Speed Prime 95 MBM Temp Ambient Temp

Best Watercooling: 1496 MHz, 1.9v, 98.1 watts PASS 42 C 25.3 C

Thermalright SK6 @ 1496 MHz, 1.9v, 98.1 watts PASS 40 C 24.9 C

Glaciator @ 1474, 1.9 v, 96.7 watts PASS 45 C 25.5 C

Swiftech 462A @ 1463, 1.9 v, 95.9 watts PASS 46 C 25.2 C

From this table, you would conclude that, all things being equal, the Thermalright SK6 performs better than the Swiftech and Glaciator. The actual performance difference is minimal - 2% in FSB speed (36 MHz), not noticeable to the user.
I have had both Gladiator and Glaciator. My side by side with a 1333 T-Bird is both hsf's are great, both cooled equally well and I (and I stress the word I) got virtually the same results overclocking with each one. The main difference between the two is NOISE with the Glaciator being much more quiet. Remember, JMHO
does this mean you are going to change your name to twohsf? lol

what about the temps were they about equal? I am going to put the gladiator on a p3-600 that runs kinda hot at 40C with the retail hsf and I am hoping to drop it 5C with the gladiator adn some AS2! I also picked the 26cfm fan because I have a delta already if i need to switch to a more robust cooling plan.
Temps don't look the same. Full load converting a movie from .avi to mpg., the supreme test as far as I am concerned, Gladiator would get to 48c max. Same duty with the Glaciator temps get to 51c max. If you factor in the supposed error that the Galciator causes in MBM5 readings, which can be up to -5c, temps are virtually equal. My results in virtually the same overclock would support this conclusion. I tried tha stock 32cfm fan on my Gladiator. I also tried a Black Lable Delta 38cfm on it. Temp difference was a -1c for the Black Label. Noise levels were about the same but the whine of the 32 is alot less annoying to me. The noise level of the Glac is way less and much more tolerable, though. All temps were taken with the cpu at 1575 at 1.91v