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GlobalWin CAK38 Fan Direction

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Apr 18, 2001
Does anyone know which way the fan on the CAK38 directs air? Is it sucking air from the sink or blowing air onto it? I have a CAK 38 on order and I've been looking at my DIMM Slots.

I'm a little concerned that if the fan is sucking air from the the sink, my Memory is gonna get nice and warm from the wonderfully warm running PIII 850. Anyone currently using this sink? I've read nothing but good commments about this product....who's got some real-world input? Thx

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They are set to suck the heat upwards. You may want to try reversing the fan and see what performance difference you get.

Correction: They are set to blow down at the heat sink.
That's an interesting change for GlobalWin. To date, all the HSFs they make, that I've seen, blew air down into the HS. by design. While I've always philosophically like sucking versus blowing setups, the blowing kind almost always yielded better temps by a few degrees. Kudos to GlobalWin. The more I read about the CAK38 (other than the fan), the more I like them.

Well...I'm in a quandry then. I really don't want to start messing w/ any of the hardware on the heat sink. I'd like to at least run it for a while in the factory configuration to see what kind of results I get.

Everyone's been talking about the specific design of the spacers and the effect that they have. What about making a small plastic shroud to place around the memory? I just don't want the direct airflow from the fan warmin' up the memory.

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The outblast from my HSF cools my memory, it does not heat it up. Why would you want to modify the CAK to blow into the HS instead of the factory default of sucking air out of it, or did you misunderstand Terry's reply?

Whoops, I need to pay closer attention. That, having been said. Don't worry, the air isn't that hot coming out of the bottom of the HSF. Sorry to add to the confusion.

Thanks for the Input. Guess I'm forgetting that this sink is gonna have a frikkin' 38cfm fan on it. He He....Just called home. The CAK has arrived and I'm stuck at work still!!!!! DOH!