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GlobalWin FOP38 vs Vantec FCE 62540D vs Thermoengine

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Apr 11, 2001
Some people have told me that Vantec's HSF is better than the FOP38 and also at a cheaper price... is this true?? Will both sufficiently cool my T'bird 1.33? Also, there's all this talk on the hollow vs solid thermoengines. Even if i were to get a solid core, will it still perform better than the FOP38 and the Vantec?? Thanks!
I have an FOP heatsink. The difference between the 32 and 38 is the fan, with the 38 having the more powerful fan. They do a reasonable job, but if you're going to be running high wattage, I sincerly believe something with a better c/w rating is in order. I have zero experience with the Vantec, but like the FOPs, I've heard good things about them also. Spend the extra $15.00 and get the GlobalWin CAK38. Like the FOP-38, it has the loud fan, but being of copper, as opposed to aluminum, the thermal conductivity is almost twice as good. Lastly, you can wait for the slow to come Millenium Glaciator. A very impressive design.

Hoot is right about getting a CAK38. The best price i have seen for them is $35.00 i believe at www.2cooltek.com. They are good people. The thermoengine has good reviews, but there is this little controversy right now, so I would wait and see how those end up. Hope this helps!
I personally like the Vantec FCE-62540D.

Its larger then the FOP, therefore cools down your processor better and has a really good retention clip which makes it a breeze to install for anyone.
Hoot : you mentioned the new Millenium Glaciator. Is there anymore information you can give.. or a links to any relevant sites on this HSF?? thanks!
Here's a pre-production review:

Here's Milleniums Web site:

This unit has great promise. I was not pleased when I learned they were going with a clip style retainer as opposed to utilizing the four holes in the motherboard, like the Swiftech MC-462A uses, as this is a heavy HSF. I hate spring clips, but if you don't put it on and take it off very often, it should be okay.