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GlobalWin FOP38

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Clemson Physics Geek

Apr 30, 2001
I just got a GlobalWin FOP38, and a little bit of artic silver thermal grease. Should I remove the little heat pad that's on the bottom of the heatsink since I'm going to using the grease? Right now I don't have it overclocked at all and its 42C under load, which seems high to me. I don't have very good case cooling, however.
Yes remove that pad you will get way better preformance from your FOP

Got the same Fan, yes get rid of the thermal tape its crap, then lap the bottom of your heat sink.
Unclocked i got temps in the range of 38^C with it overclocked i get temps in the range of 42-43^C.
The silver is meant to make a connection between the Chip and the heatsink bottom. Absolutely remove the pad. Do NOT apply the AS under the pad - conductivity may be greatly reduced.

GET THE PAD OFF THE HEATSINK. Sorry for the yelling, just wanted to emphasize the point. WD-40 works very well to get the pad off, i am pretty sure Acetone(nail polish remover) or maybe even rubbing alcohol would work too.
you guys missed something important here tho!

Lap it! I don't care if it's with 800 grit! you'll remove all residue from the pad and make a FAR smoother surface than it came OEM.

800 is not a stopping point mind you......but it will definitely remove the old pad (once you have scraped off as much as possible w/o gouging the surface) and smooth it down a bit.

I'd recommend 1200 as a minimum.......I'd recommend 1500 as a max. If you want the shiney surface like I got here:

Then you've got WAY too much time on your hands!