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Globalwin HSFs

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Mar 11, 2001
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
I've read some articles, and found out that the Globalwin WBK38 and FOP-38 are pretty good too, so here is my question:

Do you think that the Globalwin WBK38 or FOP-38 would keep a Celeron 600@around a gig below 40'C? (with plenty of other system cooling) if not, can you please suggest one.

I'm not sure that Alpha PEP would fit on my board, and I don't want to risk trying (just don't wanna go through that sending the product back mess)

they should definitely manage if you have good case cooling, which you say you do. the celerons don't put out much heat at all, compared to the hot-running durons, so you should be fine.
I used an Alpha pal 6035 to run a C566 at 1020 1.9v with the stock fan. Unless reeally needed why touture yourself with a delta 38 fan. On AMD it is a different story, loads more heat to deal with.
So can anyone suggest something else, because I've read many scary things about the delta 38 CFM beast, and everyone says they are very very loud.
Or what about the Alpha PAL6035 w/ Y.S. Tech 27.2 CFM fan, how's the performance compared to FOP say 32?

I got my ALPHA PAL 6035 on my 1.2ghz Thunderbird with the original sunnon fan and right now my CPU temp is 27C that is good I think it's not lapped or anything it has the thermal grease that comes with the fan on it I bet i could get it down to 20C if I lapped it and put some ASII on it but not now maybe some other day :):)
Thanks for the advice, I think I'll be getting Alpha PAL6035. Right now I overclocked the 600 celeron to 750 w/ default voltage, and I have default HSF, and the temp is 32'C, so I think I'll be fine!

Oh, and one more thing (sorry for asking that much, but I really don't wanna screw up)

Do you think I'll need a 3 to 4 pin adapter for the Y.S. Tech 27CFM fan?
I have a FOP with a 47cfm 80mm fan on it, this keeps my cel 600 cCO at around 30oC at full load, it is usually slightly under 30oC when I run at 900mhz with 1.65v and goes above slightly at 1ghz with 1.9v this is with Artic Silver and about 6 case fans
yeah, get a globalwin and an 80mm fan with two grills and mount the grills on both sides of the fan and use the supplied clips for the delta beast to attach onto the grill. Globalwin heatsinks are good, but man they have a wicked clip.